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                                                                                              Rink Booking System

We now have electronic style booking system which is to be used for pre-booking a rink or rinks for league matches, all competition matches, friendlies and roll-ups.

Anyone wishing to book a rink or rinks should log onto the Rink Booking web site below:

Rink Opening times for 2024 are as follows -
Monday - Friday 12:00pm 
Saturday & Sunday - 10:00am

Please note that Green Maintenance take priority whenever necessary.
Please check when booking a rink.

Enter your name and code number in the appropriate day, time slot and rink number.
League Captains should ensure that all home matches are entered into the book make certain that the rinks they require are reserved.

Tuesday evening ‘Top 8’ competition will be allocated with 2 rinks every week to ensure that these rinks are not reserved for any other games.
In certain circumstances, County matches played at St. Mary Bourne B C will take precedence over all other matches.

The Committee also has the right to reserve a rink/rinks for special events

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