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Club Rules

Entry Fees for Club, League, County and National competitions due to the club, plus Membership Fee, as agreed at the AGM must be paid by 30th. April. Failure to abide by this rule will mean that you will not be selected for any game.


The closing date for Club Competitions will be notified. The draw will be made and displayed soon after.


County and League competitions will be as notified.


Match Fees will be payable for all organised games i.e League, Friendlies and Multi rink competitions.


Match fees will be as follows:

                  League                                 £2.00 Home and Away


                  Thursday Afternoon             £2.00 Home and Away


                  Friendlies no fee 'Tea for Two’ unless advised otherwise. 


                  Non members using the green will be charged £2.50

Competitions - Trial ends are allowed. 


Please note:

Only if rinks are booked, will precedence be given to other competitions in the order:



In the event of any County game on a preferred Rink coinciding with a pre-booked rink, an Officer of the club must be approached to make alternative arrangements by giving priority to the County game.  The Officer will ensure that the displaced player(s) are given every consideration in re-arranging their match.



Winner will be first player to obtain  21 shots.  Using 4 woods.


TWO WOOD SINGLES  to be 21 ends,


PAIRS  to be 21 ends

The draw for the pairs competition will be made by dividing the players into two groups, Skips and Leads depending on experience.


HANDICAP SINGLES  Handicapping to be based  on previous season’s performance in all singles competitions and the member’s experience.


MIXED TRIPLES   Choose your own mixed team and enter.

SUBSTITUTES:  If a team member becomes  unavailable one substitution will be permitted during the competition subject to -

Agreement with the Competition Secretary

The team remains mixed

The substitute was not in another team

The substitute does not play Skip

The substitute continues for the remainder of the Competition.


First named players in the draw will be responsible for contacting their opponents, arranging playing date and time, finding a marker and booking a rink.  If any difficulty arises they must offer three dates, not all in the same week and the opponent must accept one of them.


Games must be played before the closing date for each  round or be disqualified


In extenuating circumstances the extension of one or two days is possible with the prior arrangement of the Competition Secretary. 

Players who have not completed by the closing date and have no extension will be disqualified.


If a competitor feels that he/she has made every effort to complete the game and is blameless then he/she should contact the Competition Secretary before expiry of the closing date to claim the game.


In all other matters EBA rules apply

DRESS:  All league games played for the club should be played in Grey Trousers/Skirts and Club Shirts.Correct Shoes should always be worn. Away friendlies, it would be appreciated if Blazers, shirts & ties could be worn so that we all arrive looking the same and obviously from St Mary Bourne Club. Shirts to be worn for the games.Competition Games are as stated in the rules of the association you are playing for. Please check this with your Club Captains or see our notice boards.  

Mostly they are Greys ( Grey trousers/skirts and Club Shirts) whilst Semi finals and Finals may be in Whites (White trousers/skirts and club shirts) In house games should also apply as above with the exception of club shirts where you can wear a plain white shirt with your grey trousers/skirts.


MARKERS Should wear the appropriate attire for the game that they are involved with and be members of the club.


STICKERS  Club Stickers must be on all woods for all games-Friendlies and League

When the Groundsman has put out the rink markers for the day’s play they shall not be moved by anyone except the Groundsman or an assistant acting under the Groundsman instructions.



The rules of the Whitchurch and District Bowling League  and the Basingstoke and District Bowling Association apply to their respective league matches and competitions.   Copies of these rules are kept by the Secretary and also in the Competition entry books in the Club House.





He shall centre the Jack and shall place the full-length jack two  metres from the ditch. 


He shall ensure that the Jack is not less than 23 metres from the  front edge of the mat, after it has been centred.


He shall stand at one side of the rink and to the reach of the Jack.


He shall answer affirmatively or negatively a players enquiry as to whether a bowl is Jack high.  If requested he shall indicate the distance of any bowl from the jack, or from any other bowl and also if requested, indicate which bowl he thinks shot and/or the relative position of any other bowl.

He shall mark all touchers immediately they come to rest, and remove chalk marks from non touchers.  With the agreement of both opponents he shall remove all dead bowls from the green and ditch.

He shall mark the position of the jack and touchers, which are in the ditch.


He shall not move, or cause to be moved, either jack or bowls until each player has agreed to the number of shots.

He shall measure carefully all doubtful shots when requested by either player.  If unable to come to a decision satisfactorily to the players he shall call in an umpire.  If an official umpire has not been appointed, the marker shall select one.  The decision of the umpire is final.


 He shall enter the score at each end, and shall intimate to the players the state of the game. When the game is finished, he shall see that the scorecard, containing the names of the players, is signed by the players, and disposed of in accordance with the rules of the competition.



The Competition will run for 16 weeks on a Tuesday - dates will be on the Notice Board.  Each player must play at least 8 weeks for their score to count, but may play every week.


Each week the format will consist of 2 sessions of 6 to 8 ends depending on time available, with the starting time being 6.15 p.m.  Each player will draw for position and team for each session.  Each player will keep a score card for the team score for every session each week they play, the total team score for each player will be counted each week and the best 8 scores will count over the 16 weeks the competition is played.  Cost of £1.00 per person per week, with half the money going  as prizes to the top 4 players with the highest scores and half going to club funds.


The Green will be closed between 12 noon and 6.15 p.m on Tuesdays for groundwork.

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