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                                                         CLUB RULES

The club rules are as per Appendix 1 to the Club Constitution. To read them go to CONSTITUTION.

The information below is as referred to in the above Appendix or is additional information:

Constitution clause 4.6 Annual subscriptions currently are:

Playing Members - £85 / Social Members - £10

Junior Members - £45 / New Members - £35 ( first year)

Also match fees are:

League Games – £2.00 (home & away games)

Friendly Games – No fee

Non Members using Club Green - £2.50 per rink

Appendix 1 Rules clause 4.2 Green opening times:

Currently opening times for use of the Club Green are from 12.00 pm Monday to Friday and from 10.00 am on Saturday & Sunday until dusk.

The Club Green may be closed as necessary at other times and will then be booked out in the Club rink booking system. Before using the Club Green for roll ups or practice members must check all rinks have not already been booked out and then reserve a rink.

Appendix 1 Rules Clause 6 Club Competitions:

Competitions to be decided as follows:

Men’s Singles, Ladies Singles, Handicap Singles, Presidents Cup, Novice Cup:

Winner will be first player to score 21 shots.

Two Wood Singles – winner will be player with highest score at 21 ends.

Pairs, Mixed Triples  – winners will be team with highest score at 21 ends.

Substitutes – If a player becomes unavailable one substitution will be permitted during the competition subject to agreement with the Competitions Secretary and the substitute not playing skip and continuing for the remainder of the Competition. Substitutions are not allowed at Semi Finals or Finals.

Player team combinations are selected by a draw at a committee meeting and game opponent teams are selected by a public draw at the Club after the spring meeting.

Triples teams are proposed by the members themselves and game opponent teams are selected on the day of the first game.

First named players in the draw will be responsible for contacting their opponents to arrange playing date and time, finding a marker and booking a rink. If any difficulty arises agreeing dates they must offer three dates, not all in the same week and the opponent must accept one of them.

Games must be played before closing date for each round or the competitors failing to meet this requirement will be disqualified. Subject to the approval of the Competition Secretary and only in extenuating circumstances an extension of up to 2 days may be allowed. If a competitor considers that he/she has made every effort to complete the game and is blameless then he/she should contact the Competition Secretary before expiry of the closing date to claim the game.

Trial ends are allowed in the Competitions if requested by a player.

Appendix 1 Rules Clause 8 County Games

If there is a need to prioritise Club rinks for any County game a Club Officer will be required to make any changes to the rinks prebooked by Club Members while giving every consideration possible to the displaced Club Members.

Appendix 1 Rules Clause 9 Markers

The Markers shall:

Centre the Jack / place full length Jack 2 metres from ditch / ensure Jack is 23 metres from front edge of mat after it has been centred / stand at side of rink within reach of Jack / answer yes or no if asked by player if a wood is Jack high / advise distance of wood from Jack or other wood, which wood is shot, and relative position of other wood; only if requested by player / mark all touchers when rested / remove chalk marks from non-touchers / with all players agreement remove dead woods / mark the position of Jack and toucher woods in the ditch / not move or caused to be moved either the Jack or woods until all players have agreed to number of shots counted / measure carefully all doubtful shots when requested by any player / call an official umpire if unable to come to a decision satisfactorily / appoint an umpire if one has not been selected / accept decision of umpire as final decision / record the score at each end and inform players / at end of game get score card signed by all players / deposit the score card as per rules of competition.

Sundry Items.

Wood labels – Club sticker labels must be on all woods for league games, friendly games, and competitions.

Rink Markers – When put out by greenkeeper for the days play must not be moved by players without greenkeepers permission.

Top 8 Competition  - will run for 16 weeks on every Tuesday evening, starting and finishing dates to be notified. Each players top 8 scores will be accrued to determine prize winners. A Club Member must play at in least 8 weeks games to be  entered in the competition. Play format will be 2 sessions of 6 to 8 ends. The score of each player will be recorded each week and the best 8 game scores accrued over all the weeks played will determine the winning players. An entrance fee of £2 per week per player will be charged. Half of the accrued total of these fees will be used as prize money and half will be go towards the club funds. The prize money will be distributed appropriately to the top 4 players.

Parking – At all events and games when the field parking is used, the driver of the last car left in the field must secure the green and the field on leaving. This means padlocking green access gate, pulling field barrier across and padlocking and putting chain at public car park across and padlocking. In the event that a member of the public has parked in the field and it cannot be secured Len Mew or Angie Cook must be informed by phone.

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