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(A new updated version of the Club's Constitution will be available soon)

The name of the Club shall be:



The objects of the club shall be:To promote the game of flat green bowls to the area

  1.  Not to restrict membership of the club by sex, colour or age

  2.  To adopt the laws of the game as set out by the National Association

  3. (English Bowling Association) subject t  (2) above


To hold an Annual General Meeting no later than the 30th November each year.

The Club shall be managed by a Committee elected annually at the AGM with a minimum of Five Members.  Three to constitute a Quorum.

The committee may appoint a sub-committee for a specific purpose, but it must consist of not less thanTwo Members of the Management Committee.

The Club Secretary to keep records of all Meetings, and The Club Treasurer to keep proper accounts of all monies, and each to present a full report to theAGM.

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